Po-Zu in a Pub

It feels like I’ve been through experimental surgery where by the operating theatre turned into a pub, the usual intense surgical lighting was swapped with a mirrored disco ball, and the anaesthetist was a barman topping us up with booze. There were an unusually large amount of surgeons (probably because the patient had a rare shoe condition); you could tell they were all off duty because of their mask-free smiley faces. The patient was walking around the theatre as if he had lost his sole.

The funny thing is that it all worked out beautifully, I could not have dreamed for it to go any better.

Being in a position of needing help wasn’t particularly a comfortable place to be for starters, and letting a bunch of new faces dig deep into my sole was an experience I was totally unfamiliar with prior to this GFN gig. Yet it turned out wholesomely positive and filled with holistic vibe, while the genuine eagerness amongst folk to support my cause was just tremendous.

I feel very fortunate to have gone through this transformative business-mind-set-changing process. Beyond getting a great deal of encouragement, plenty of useful tips and several viable solutions were brought up. Both Cecilia and I have also made new friends who have helped us develop some of the ideas far beyond those initial 3 hours... so it looks like the gig also germinated new community shoots!

While the gig revolved around helping Po-Zu out and has given me a fair amount of hope on a personal level, I was somehow more captivated by the GFN magic - an insight into our true potential as humankind. GFN have turned the concept of ‘work’ as we know it- on its head, by creating a party like atmosphere where labour of love was not only made possible, but also naturally occurring.

Since there are far greater values in life we ought to be focusing on (other than money, and especially at this critical phase of our civilization), I’d say that Good for Nothing is living breathing proof that the gift economy can work well in practice here and now in the 21st century.

Thrilled by this prospect both Cecilia and I have now joined this revolutionary force for good and have proudly became ‘good for nothingers’ ourselves. We are looking forward to joining many wonderful collaborative events; helping other important projects to flourish, while having a smashing time. Who knows, there may even be sole to sole dancing next time.

Back to Life, back to reality…

Sven Segal, Founder of Po-Zu

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