Project Wild Thing Kicking off at Shambala Festival

Last year we went hiking in the Lakes to figure out a set of missions for this year...

2 of the big challenges we fancied having a crack at were getting more nature into our work ..... somehow (we weren't really sure how).

And then - halfway up a mountain - we'd optimistically wondered if we might get some Good for Nothing going at a festival...

So you can imagine we were like kids in a sweetshop last weekend when we got an amazing opportunity to do both in 1 go.

With massive thanks to Ed Gillespie at Futerra, we were delighted to part of a great collaboration at the creative human energy bomb of a weekend that is Shambala Festival - deep in a secret field somewhere in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside.

Our main mission (beyond not getting too bombed...) was to kickstart a people's movement to reconnect a million kids with launch Project Wild Thing which we've been working on since our epic summer gig in London.

Coming out of that, we've been bringing together a coalition of ideas, projects and partners to seed a growing movement ahead of the launch of The Nature Film next year.

First up, David Bond kicked things off by getting on the mainstage to launch the Project Wild Thing campaign to a welcoming and supportive reception from a happy, chilled and slightly swaying audience of party-going families and old school ravers including our good friends and fellow GFNers Andy G from Manchester and Rodrigo B from Brighton.

David, Dan, Tom R and I then hosted a 4 hour blast of creativity, conversation and pedal-powered tunes with a range of interested festival folk who added their ideas into the mix and lent their support to the project.

The 'campaign' officially launched on Monday - with free outdoor and digital slots across the country...

In the last couple of days, we've already had a few hundred pledges of support - pledges to spend as much time outside as you do in front of your screen. We're aiming to get up to 5000 in the next 2 weeks as part of a push to start influencing how outdoor play can become more integrated into health and education policy.

If you'd like to get involved, we'd love your support. We've an amazing set of founding partners for the project and are on the lookout for as many collaborators as we can to make this go big.

There's 2 very simple ways you can help

First, please head here to pledge, and spread the love with your friends and family. Everyone can do this, it takes 2 seconds and will really help us show how much people want to get involved.

Second, if you know anyone you think could help with funding/support for the movement then ping us a mail and let us know.

And most importantly of all, get out there and away from your screen.

Happy tree-climbing folks......!

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