Project Wild Thing - Will you pledge?

This is the last weekend of the Project Wild Thing campaign to get more people into nature, running until September 16th. So get pledging!

As part of the Nature Film, being released next summer and backed by Channel 4, David Bond boldly decides to appoint himself the Marketing Director for Nature, and has launched a REAL LIFE campaign encouraging parents and children to spend less time indoors, or in shopping malls, and more time outdoors in nature. A billboard campaign, the first of its kind, was launched on 3 September and covers the whole of the UK for two weeks, in hundreds of sites. The aim of the billboards is simple: to get people to spend more time outdoors.

Here's a link to the latest film teaser:

What we really need from you,  is to go to the Project Wild Thing site, find out more about the issue and sign a 'nature pledge'. We'd also encourage you to forward, tweet, Facebook, telegram details of the campaign out to as many people as you know. We REALLY need your support - we have an ambitious aim; to reach out to 1 million people in 2 weeks.

Here is the website:

The website also has tons of information and ideas for people/ parents wanting spend more time in nature. Project Wild Thing is the beginning of a massive 2013-2015 campaign to get kids back into nature in collaboration with the National Trust, Play UK, RSPB, The NHS and others.

Find us here: Twitter: @wearewildthing (and we are using #getintonature) FB:

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