Seeking Founding Folk for Wild Thing

Founding folk for wild thing
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Wild Thing is our most challenging gig to date, in terms of logistics, and possibly one of the most important. The need for kids to reconnect with nature has never been more urgent.

We're seeking some very special organisations and business who can support us in putting on the Wild Thing event in July and importantly help kickstart the movement next year around the release of the film. Here's the latest teaser....

The Nature Film from Green Lions on Vimeo.

If that's you or you know a soulful business or organisation that recognises and values all things nature and wild, then please do get in touch

The PDF above has all the details, but in short...

How you can help....

For £500 (or more if you can afford it!) you become part of the Wild Thing Founding Folk...

You get listed in the film credits You continue to be involved as the movement emerges and spreads You get access to the learnings that we create You get acknowledged in any formal media communications You are part of a small group of soulful organisations who are helping to hatch a bottom-up creative community movement for nature and wildness You are part of a collective who recognise the urgency for people and kids especially to re-connect with the ‘more-than human world’ To become stewards of the biosphere The operating system for all life After all as someone wise once said ‘there’s no business to be done on a dead planet’

As ever your support-in-kind will continue to be recognised on our site, in our annual newspaper and ongoing communications on the web and beyond

We really hope you will support us on this awesome challenge.

Time is of the essence.... so if you want to get involved then please do get in touch asap

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