Small encounters can go a long way

So. A week has past since that crazy ride called Camp Nothing. And boy, did it resonate.

The head is still buzzing, ideas keep bubbling up. Some good, some alcohol-infused (but still a-ma-zing of course..). My twitter feed is a constant stream of goodfornothing-marvels, been looking into baking focaccia (thanks @evilgordon) and even thinking of picking up my sketchpad that's been collecting dust since finishing my education. And in the meantime setting up the first Rotterdam gig, forming the chapter, discovering a few social ventures in my city I didn't know of before, and finding the perfect gig location-to-be.

But what I mostly love is the crowd that Camp Nothing brought along. A good bunch of positive, driven and wonderfully skilled people, some of whom I've had great talks and laughs with, some I've hardly spoken to (but hopefully will in the future). But whom already are causing a small shift in my life. And probably that of others. Because small encounters can go a long way.

I found this again at the Do Lectures I attended (in April this year) where I met Dan, Tom and Steve. Or really just had a short chat with Dan. That encounter might have been brief, but it set of a few things that ended up with me spending a weekend in a shed in the-middle-of-nowhere-Norfolk having an inspiring time and meeting even more inspiring people. In the same way as it did, I imagine, with most of you GFN-ers. Some little thing set it off; some big things may come out of it.

There are more of those encounters, especially when you're open to it or actively seeking it. Something I have been doing for the last couple of years. But having 60 odd talented people around sure helps to speed things up. We all might have great ideas and projects, but talking about them with others makes them more tangible, bigger and bolder. Especially when the aim is to not only talk about things, but just start doing things. And that is how I feel about Good For Nothing: call it a mooo-vement or a tribe. Or even a cult. But it has the power to shift things. May it be in a small way, but that is how change works anyway. More of it please. We might become an actual movement one day. 

[I do apologise for the mushy bits, the feeling will wear off just a little in the coming weeks ;-) But in the meantime; thank you all for quite a special weekend. And to Dan, Tom and Steve: thanks so much for letting me hang out in the shed with the rest of them. I feel privileged.]

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