#summeroflove: Good for Nothing hits Brighton Jun 22-24

This is a hold the date for the first Good for Nothing gig in Brighton - the Summer of Love on Jun 22-24.

It's the first chapter of the next wave of Good for Nothing across the UK.

Bringing together Brighton-based doers, makers and tinkerers to accelerate the work of 3 of Brighton's leading social innovators on 3 tangible briefs.

There'll be music, food, drink, sunshine (maybe) and lots of getting stuff made (definitely) .... doing not just talking, collaborating and experimenting and supporting grassroots social and environmental innovators

Please hold the date and let fellow Brighton/South Coast folk who you think might be up for it know - especially maker crews - developers, designers, animators, film-makers, bloggers, editors, technologists, strategists, communicators et al

Here's the link to the Eventbrite for sign-up and keep an eye out on twitter and #summeroflove for updates.

More details on the 3 briefs coming soon....


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