Sustaination brief for #OccupyBlueMonday

Love food? Want to see an alternative local food system which supports local food growers and producers and local buyers and retailers?

Then you may want to roll up your sleeves this weekend and get stuck in with Ed Dowding and his team on Sustaination - a kind of dating site for local food.

Sustaination is in start up mode, with the first release of the service just gone into beta, so the brief is quite focussed as the team need to keep their flow and build momentum as they go live.

The scope for creativity is huge and as always with Good for Nothing, permission for awesomeness is granted. Any thoughts or ideas on the brief please get in the comments below.

Sustaination has already been picked up by Fast Co and will feature on BBC Radio 4's food program on sunday during Good for Nothing - we're very excited about this one.

Sustaination gfn brief
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