Technologists, help us open nature's API

In just under a month we'll be gathering with a bunch of nature scientists, thinkers, developers and designers in a tent… on a building site… in central London.

It's a strange setting for a weekend that aims to redress the nature deficit disorder endemic and re-connect our digitally savvy younglings with the natural world.

While it's obvious that immersion in our digital worlds can distance us from natural operating systems, we should also recognise that our relationship with technology is changing.

Until now, technology has been synonymous with fairly crude interfaces - screens, desktop computers, televisions - but that's no longer the case; we're starting to truly integrate the digital and physical worlds.

So, here's the challenge: As technology and natural systems converge, how do we help nature fight back and invade the digital world as relentlessly as technology has done the physical?

As Richard Louv puts it:

"…we should maximise our use of technology to process intellectual data, while also maximising the use of our senses in the physical world…"

The challenge

  1. Can we take the wealth of ecological data available and use it to immerse the coming digitally
    native generation in nature?
  2. Can we help quantify our daily interactions with the planet's resources in way that is
    painless, intuitive and helpful?
  3. How might we help David Bond's Nature marketing campaign exist and thrive online?

Here's a teaser of David's mission...

The Nature Film from Green Lions on Vimeo.

The data

Thankfully ecologists are big on data, so there's plenty to play with:

  1. Ecological Data Wiki
  2. Global Food Supply Chains API
  3. Map of Life source code and some test data
  4. IPCC Climate Change Data
  5. Synapse: Biological sciences data

Or have a look at these curated lists of tools, datasets and APIs:

  1. Green Dreams
  2. Field Studies Council hackday tools & APIs
  3. DataCite Repositories
  4. Guardian Open Data
  5. UK Government Open Data
  6. World Bank Climate Data Portal
  7. Freebase
  8. Protected Planet


It's going to be wild. You can sign up over at EventBrite.

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