The Good for Nothing meets D&AD New Blood briefs

We are gearing up for our 4 hour super charged mini good for nothing gig at the D&AD’s New Blood festival this weekend.

We put the call out for bite-size briefs and have whittled it down to three awesome social causes – each with challenging but doable design led challenges. Our friends at The Good Gym are looking for help to give their web site and comms material a more exciting and urban feel. The Social Innovation Camp guys are looking for help to give their Bethnal Green Ventures programme logo a slicker and more professional feel. And last but not least, the Homeless SMS crew are looking for a new name and a new identity to help supercharge their efforts to get people without homes connected.

There’s tons of scope for the 40 New Blood young creatives and their Good for Nothing mentors to let rip creatively for the afternoon.

We can’t wait! If you fancy popping by to say hello, we will be here: details about Shop 14 from 13.40 this Saturday 2nd July.

Check out the briefs below and feel free to post any questions you have in the comments.

And remember to bring your tools! Laptops, software, cameras, sketch books, oven gloves etc

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