The Great Football Giveaway and Good for Nothing

The Great Football Giveaway worked with Good For Nothing* over 8 highly prosperous and enjoyable hours on Saturday 4th December 2010.

Here's what the Good For Nothing volunteers came up with in those 8 hours: a pen and paper strategy to target the next generation of The Great Football Giveaway captains, a new tag line for the charity, a very pretty little booklet, a re-edit of the charities existing short film, and all you need to get involved in one place (this blog post place). Plus everyone involved in Good For Nothing's concerted efforts to push as many people here as possible.

You can now help to kick start real change today by just spending the next 3 and a bit minutes watching the below video. Then following any of the below 3 actions if you're inspired by the change The Great Football Giveaway is currently making in the world.

1: Become a captain and give out your own footballs with the help of The Great Football Giveaway.

2: Gift a whole real life football directly to an Africa child now for only £10.

3: Help to spread the message and share this video on Facebook, or Twitter, or the front of the fridge at work.

*Good For Nothing is a creative collaboration gig bringing together awesome causes with a collective of thinkers, doers and tinkerers applying their day job skills to do some good for nothing. Attendees doing good for nothing included clever people from Wolff Olins, D&AD, The Guardian, innocent, Naked, Poke, BBH and many many more.

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