The POP UP Stories Brief #OccupyBlueMonday

If you believe in the power of stories and narrative to engage kids, families and communities then POP UP Festival of Stories might be the brief for you. It's an amazing initiative set up in 2011 and run by Dylan Calder.

POP UP is part in-school program and part festival of storytelling. It brings a diverse and growing network of children's authors into schools in the Kings Cross region and beyond and uses experiential storytelling to engage kids in the power of reading and writing.

The plans for POP UP are ambitious with this year's festival hoping to attract 8,000 kids and their families. Dylan needs help finding and persuading brand partner(s) to come onboard and that is the focus of the challenge and in doing so creating a more radical and engaging way of POP Up communicating its thing. This should be a lot of fun.

Thoughts, ideas, questions in the comments.

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