UN World Food Day. Time to start fundraising for 50/50!

'There's nothing in the world worse than watching your own child die in front of your eyes because you cannot feed him' - Ban Ki Moon

It's UN World Food Day today.  The famine in East Africa is still raging. The voices of the families and children struggling to survive are not being heard. $615 million is still urgently needed for relief efforts.

Which is why we're inviting the world to get behind 50/50 Make or Break for the families of East Africa.

This is like 'Digital Live Aid'. A collaborative and creative response to an urgent crisis that's easy to get involved in.

Hundreds of amazing people have been creating 50 digital fundraising projects in the last 50 days. These 50 'little' bets have been made in the hope that a few of them will go 'big'...

Now we need thousands and millions of people to find out about 50/50, get involved and and donate some money to a project they like.

Start by exploring the projects here, pick one or two, donate and then tell everyone you know.

Spread the word, save lives, spread the love.

And let's make 50/50 go big...

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