We’re giving away a free cape!

Yes. That’s right. Who doesn’t want a free cape and to be a superhero for a day? That’s one day. 24 hours. 12 if you get some sleep and eat some food, check your phone, ring your mum… 12 hours to feel like you’re able to save the planet. You’d need a cape for that right?

When I was younger I read comic books. Hey who am I kidding I still do. They’re amazing – you have artists bringing characters to life, writers coming up with stories and dialogue. You have the moral of the story. And you know what I always found? The best stories are where people come together to solve a common challenge. You’re thinking Avengers aren’t you? Thought you might be.

And so here’s the thing. We rarely find ourselves in a position where we can make a real change to the world. Where there is a cause that specifically needs your help. There are some out there who go to work for charities – there are even some who go out there and setup their own charities – but for the most of us, it’s leading a life where we want to make a change. More than that we want to be a part of something where we can come together to make a change.

Now here’s the fun part. Good For Nothing allows you to do that. Imagine a superhero team of super talented, super enthusiastic and super dedicated people ready to help a cause that will make a massive difference to lives and the community around you. And you’re one of these people.

I know. You’re wondering how you’d fit in if you didn’t have superpowers. Well – here’s the good bit. You already do.We’re all talented at something – all have skills in something. Whether you’re an artist, a photographer, business man/woman/alien, a mechanic, you bake cakes, you’re an astronaut, a circus ring master, you won Krypton Factor in1992 – whatever your skill this is your chance to be a superhero for a day and help. Help a good cause do something that they wouldn’t normally be able to do.

It’s a massive thing. A room full of people wanting to make a change – coming together as a team and working on amazing projects for a local cause. It’s going to make you feel like you’re a superhero. So when we say we’re providing the cape what we really mean is you’re going to feel like you’re wearing one. We’re assembling a team ofLeicester’s finest.

Good For Nothing Leicester would like you to be part of that team. So the real question is - Are you ready to save the world?

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