What is Good For Nothing in Leicester?

Put simply, Good For Nothing is people giving whatever they can to support a worthy and worthwhile cause in their city. It’s a chance to support a local charity or social enterprise with something more valuable than your chequebook – that’s right - with your time and effort.

Time is money right? Well money you can earn back- time? Not so much…

I’ve worked in the business arena within Leicester for a number of years now and have come across countless businesses where they tend to face the same challenge – they need resources – resources that are often not cash or hard assets, but people, talent, skills and enthusiasm to take their idea further.

In the not-for-profit sector, charities and social enterprises face this more than others as they can’t often provide the cash or salary incentive to have talented people on the team, on the board or helping to craft out the vision for their venture. With these businesses it’s generally the public and a good cause that loses out – they still operate but they have a burning desire to do more.

They need to find people who can help them achieve more.

And this is where Good For Nothing comes in.

Good For Nothing is made up of people like YOU. Positive, creative, talented enthusiastic change makers who want to take an idea, a concept, and supercharge it so that it can be even better. Good For Nothing is the format and the mechanism to bring this together and make it happen.

There are a few in the GFN crew who run the back of house stuff – the where, the who and the when – the rest is really down to you.

We’re starting with what we call a “Social”– like an informal networking evening where everyone meets and gets to know each other – it’s going to be on the evening of Tuesday 3rd June 6-8pm (venue TBC shortly) and we’d love to see you there.

Once we meet we can then look to find a local cause to support – this is a group effort and we need suggestions as well as the causes coming forward – this is why it’s so important to spread the word about what we’re doing. The Crew with your support will find a venue and pick a date for the “Hack” when we get even more people in a room and the cause tell us what they need help with – they’ll be a few projects so you sign up to one and away we go… an evening and a full day and the cause YOU helped support is changed forever and goes on to do amazing things.

There are literally tons of people in Leicester who would be perfect for this. Whether it’s a creative person, a coder, business professional… hairdresser, plumber, doctor – we need minds and we need venues, snacks, food, coffee – things that’ll make the day run as smoothly as possible.

In short we need YOU and we need PEOPLE YOU KNOW – can you help us spread the word about the bird?

Will you give up your time for a cause whilst having a fantastic time in a group bubbling with energy and talent?

Sign up to Good For Nothing and attend the Leicester Social on Tuesday 3rd June at 6pm… details here http://www.goodfornothing.com/chapter/leicester- and if you can’t make the social don’t worry! Just tell as many people as you can about it and the more the merrier.

We can do something really special. But we need all of YOU to do it.

Speak soon


GFN Leicester Crew

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