What was made at Wild Thing Part 1 - Building a grassroots movement

We like a challenge. Wild Thing was our biggest and most ambitious gig yet and there was just one brief: help filmmaker David Bond create communication and engagement ideas that can help to re-connect kids and their parents with nature. How do you communicate an abstract yet fundamental concept such as nature to children?

Well in just under two days, in a tent on a building site in Kings Cross, about 60 folk rolled up their sleeves and created a load of awesome. Here are just a few of the communication and engagement ideas and concepts that could start to seed a grassroots movement to get kids back into nature.

Rebellious by Nature

Giles, Emily and Mike developed a brilliant “Rebellious by Nature” approach - picking up on the chaotic, anti-establishment vibe of nature itself to appeal to young people's wild side. The work includes various cheeky and thought-provoking messages and themes.

Active Nature Mark

Zoe, Daniel and Steve developed an 'Active Nature Mark' - a conceptual idea that product and service brands can acquire if their mission encouarges outdoor time & inquiry into livings things. Organisations that might qualify now could include the Scouts, Raleigh bikes, Patagonia and National Geographic.

Out & About Guide for Parents

Leonora, Gina, Pedro, Victoria, Andy and Manjul produced an impressive concept for a national engagement programme and intervention delivered to new mums as part of the 'bounty pack', an early start parent toolkit. Out & About is a new addition to the pack including information & advice for parents about spending time outdoors with their kids highlighting the health benefits, giving expert advice, suggesting activities etc. A booster pack is to be delivered on the child's 3rd, 5th & 8th birthday with new age-specific suggestions supported by a digital platform that acts as an online journal to record "you and your children's landmark days & special events outdoors".

Let Them Grow Campaign

Jonathan and Jennie concepted an approach to encourage parents to question their perceptions of outdoor play as high danger and risk. Trying to land 'nature' as beneficial for their children's development, an enabler for them to grow in confidence and independence.

'The Wild' Identity

Zoe, Lucy and Ali worked up 'The Wild' a fun brand for nature, helping kids co-discover natural wild spaces. Isaac and Joe also developed 'growfeeti', graffiti moss that kids can make together (magic potion of moss, yoghurt, sugar & water) that leads people to natural spaces near them.

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