What was made at Wild Thing Part 2 - High Tech High Nature

Kids intuitively get technology. They've grown up with it. Give a 6 year old an iPad and they immediately start sliding things, pressing buttons and playing games. So it only makes sense that some of the creative minds and technologists at Wild Thing developed apps and websites that bring kids & their parents closer to nature (as paradoxical as that sounds). In just 48 hours, an incredible amount of technology was built, from a Wildtime app that lets parents pick nature-rich activities based on how much time they've got to a Spotted app that lets kids track bugs, plants and trees.

Wild Thing Army

Tom F and Isaac quietly but very busily developed a concept for a nature intelligence gathering tool on Sunday that allows kids to track what they see and sense out in the wild. The personalised 'wild it' gadget comes with GPS rangefinder, SMS SOS button, image geo-mapping, sensors for temperature, CO2, humidity, pollution, wind speed, etc, "giving the right to roam back to the next generation".

Wild Time App

Dan and Andrew impressively built a working Wild Time app that has a database of nature-rich activities for people to choose between, depending on how much time they have available from just 10mins to a whole day. Activities include drawing something in the wild (10mins), going on a bug hunt: snap it, note it, sketch it & then release it (40mins), and going on a moon walk allowing your kids to see & feel the transition from day to night (3 hours).

Spotted App

Fee, Stef and Amy developed a wild treasure hunt app idea that allows kids to discover new and unusual types of plants, herbs and creature such as marigold, red russian tomatoes and praying mantis, learning an interesting fact each time they track their discovery.

Wild Thing Challenge Competition

Paul, Kirsty and Vanea came up with a schools nature competition for kids, getting them to compete with other schools by doing wild activities like 'plant a tree', 'build a tree house', 'go camping', 'feed the birds' etc. The more they achieve, the more points they get, prizes they win and 'wild' the school becomes. Paul also built an app so that kids and teachers can log their wild activities.

Look out for the final Part 3 of what was made at Wild Thing coming soon...

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