What was made at Wild Thing Part 3 - Wild Card Hacks

We had a few 'wild' surprises on the Sunday of Wild Thing. While everyone else was beavering away in the tent, working on their apps, websites and campaigns, Chris Packe was finishing off a rap he wrote in ode to dads & kids out there, encouraging them to get into nature. At the same time, Steve and Dan were building a treehouse with Global Generation's scrap wood. Quite an eventful Sunday to say the least!

Wild Dad Rap

Awesome, hilarious and heartfelt rap by Chris Packe filmed by Green Lions about the importance of getting kids into nature (illustration above also by Chris). Just watch it.

Wild Dad Rap by Chris Packe at Wild Thing from Good for Nothing on Vimeo.

Kids Parties in Nature

Tom R, Ellie, Ben, Annie and Patrick developed a brilliant toolkit idea for families to organise their kids' parties in nature (instead of McDonalds). The prototype kit includes places, recipes, activity cards with games and an idea for a supporting website with tons of information about the best natural spots all over the country. The aim is to make nature exploration part of every park party and suggests activities such as building a nest with sticks, finding the fastest slug or playing hide & seek with leaf camouflage.

Building a treehouse

Maybe it's Steve's Canadian roots or Dan's love of making things, but no one expected this one, especially on a building site in Kings Cross. In the following stop motion film, you'll see them both slaving away in the Sunday afternoon sunshine (and occasional downpour), sawing wood, hammering bits together to make a treehouse. Awesome.

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