What we did for Cotswold Care...

The Cotswold Care team had a wide range of skills and spent 2 days working together to crack the creative brief: 1. to identify creative practical, relevant and inspiring ways to build long term support from local communities and 2. to tell a compelling story of where the hospice is heading. Some focused on designing, some on creating a loyalty programme and some even went to the Midnight Walk that Cotswold Care organise which coincidentally was happening on the middle night of the event!

Here’s the amazing illustration by Chris from Scriberia of the thinking and work that was done by the Cotswold Care team:

And here's the team's overview of what they did
Cotswold Care Final Presentation
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The outcome
Research with nearly 200 people doing the local Midnight Walk on the Friday night to understand their interest and potential benefits for a ‘Friends of Cotswold Care’ membership scheme, and based on that developed a proposal and set of ideas for making it happen. Created a leaflet promoting the beautiful meeting room facilities, a refreshed logo and strapline, badges for members and a stripped down, more friendly and positive promotional leaflet.

Updated logo and strapline for the charity

How the branding can work in their shops

A set of new membership badges

 A new promotional leaflet for the Hospice

New brochure for meeting room facilities to attract local businesses

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