What we did for Food Cycle GFN May 2011

Food Cycle, who provide nutritious meal to local communities with surplus food, is one of the three awesome causes Good for Nothing supported at our May event. 20 strategists, filmmakers, web developers, writers, designers and animators came together to help them increase their impact.

What they wanted:

  • To tell the Food Cycle story through its volunteers, community cafes and hubs
  • To visualise the impact (food saved, meals cooked, mouths fed)
Here’s a remarkable illustration by Chris from Scriberia of all of the thinking and work that was done by the Food Cycle team:



Foodcycle Final Presentation

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What they got after 48 hours:

Documentary about the community cafes and hubs

The Good for Nothing team went up to Cambridge to visit one of the hubs and made a short film capturing the unique community spirit, coupled with tasty food served by enthusiastic volunteers. Read all about it in Tia's blog post.

FoodCycle Documentary from FoodCycle on Vimeo.

Animation capturing the Food Cycle story

Bright creative types on the team made a lovely stop motion animation embodying the Food Cycle story and spirit.

Food cycle from mariana santos on Vimeo.

Promotional postcards

Copywriters and strategists came up with these clever promotional postcards to raise awareness of Food Cycle.

New 'live' feature on Food Cycle website visualising the impact

Web-savvy team members created an online system to record live stats of food saved, meals cooked, mouths fed (still in development).

And there's more to come

Alessandro and Alice are working with Food Cycle to incorporate the live stats on their website so it should all hopefully be live soon!

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