What we did for Glos Young Carers...

The Young Carers team spent 2 days working collaboratively to crack the brief that Jane at Gloucestershire Young Carers and the some of the young carers briefed on Thursday evening: 1. to update the web presence using a range of tools and 2. to create a set of guidelines around the projects to protect young people.

Here's a remarkable illustration by Chris from Scriberia of all of the thinking and work that was done by the Young Carers team:

And here's the presentation the team gave showing everything they'd done...
The outcome

A highly visual website combining the corporate and youth-led angles incorporating a protected discussion forum for the young carers to interact, a youth-led Tumblr blog, a new logo and colour scheme and email newletter templates.

A new Wordpress-based website

A secure online discussion forum for the young carers

A Tumblr blog to be written and moderated entirely by the young carers

A  revised logo and colour scheme

 A series of email newsletter templates the team can use


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