What we did for gnewt cargo at GFN May 2011

GnewtCargo, a zero carbon delivery service in central London is one of the three causes Good for Nothing supported at our May event. Roughly 20 thinkers and doers came together to help them make a deeper impact.

What they wanted:

  • Bring to life their story and purpose in a more compelling way
  • Visualise their impact
  • Using their fleet out of hours for social good

Here’s a remarkable illustration by Chris from Scriberia of all of the thinking and work that was done by the gnewt cargo team:


gnewt cargo Final Presentation
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What they got after 48 hours:


A revamped logo and tagline

From this:

To this:

A new, more contemporary website

Strategists, web developers and designers redesigned their website to share the GnewtCargo story and purpose in more compelling way.

A carbon calculator

Some tech-savvy team members came up with the 'cargolator', a carbon calculator showing the amount of carbon emissions saved per delivery.

GnewtCargo-branded coffee mulch

The team visited Columbia Road flower market on Sunday morning to find ways of delivering recycled coffee mulch to feed plants while using the bikes out of hours.

There's more to come

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