What we did for Pop Up Stories at #OccupyBlueMonday

Pop Up Festival of Stories is an amazing social enterprise set up by Dylan Calder that engages kids, families and communities through the power of stories. POP UP is part in-school programme and part festival of storytelling.

The Challenge:

The focus of the challenge for Pop Up was to help find and persuade brand partners to come onboard for this year's festival, to create a more engaging way of communicating what it stands for and to become more financially sustainable.

Team Pop Up consisted of 20 passionate strategists, designers, illustrators and web developers up for the challenge of communicating Dylan's vision more powerfully and getting Pop Up in shape for sponsorship pitches. We were amazed with what they delivered in just 48 hours... A new brand vision, a product concept 'the Magic Box' with supporting business model, an illustrated map of the King's Cross festival site, an ideas deck to bring storytelling & creativity into corporates, a digital game and a promotional film.

Pop Up Magic Box

To help Dylan make Pop Up more financially sustainable, the team came up with the Magic Box, a storytelling toolkit for kids to use in the home. The box includes creative tasks by well-known children's authors and illustrators, games, stories, coloured pens, notebooks and an invite to the next Festival.

Illustrated map of the King's Cross 2012 festival site 

A team created a beautiful and helpful illustrated map of the King's Cross festival site for this summer, great for sharing with potential sponsors and others involved in the planning of the festival.


A short promotional video about Pop Up Festival of Stories

A short film was made with interviews of children, parents, teachers, authors and illustrators talking about the power of stories and positive impact of Pop Up on children's literacy and creativity, as well as footage from the 2011 festival.



Story Spinner game

The tech-savvy amongst the team came up with a brilliant creative game for kids to be played across schools whereby students write different bits of a story to then be passed on to other students to complete. A great way of engaging schools and creating much-needed communication between them.


Pop Up Festival of Stories Final Presentation
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