What we did for Sustaination at #OccupyBlueMonday

Sustaination is an innovative social platform that connects local food growers and makers with local buyers. Its goal is to help grow more resilient and environmentally positive local food supply chains across the UK, keeping money and jobs in local economies. The founder Ed Dowding describes it as 'a dating site for local food businesses'.

The challenge:

The site was going live on the Sunday of Good for Nothing following Ed's interview on BBC Radio 4's food programme. With such a high volume of visitors coming to the site, one of the challenges was to make the user journey as seamless and engaging as possible. They were also looking to develop the brand and positioning, to communicate effectively to diverse audiences including growers, producers, buyers, and sellers.

Sustaination attracted a huge team of thinkers and makers keen to get stuck into this meaty challenge. Skills and passions were identified and the team was swiftly split into smaller groups each tackling a different part of the brief. Unsurprisingly, a lot was achieved in just 48 hours: new logo & brand identity, promotional flyer, new icons for the web, revised & simplified web copy, reviewing and refreshing the online user journey, offline app, infographic, schools education pack and ambassador pack.

New logo & brand identity

A team designed a stunning new logo and brand identity that better communicates the connectivity at the heart of Sustaination. Ed liked it so much, he put it up on the site first thing on Monday morning. Result!

Revising the online user journey

There was a lot of useful stuff happening behind the scenes, not least a complete review of the user journey from different perspectives (food businesses, buyers etc).

Promotional flyer

Another team designed a promotional flyer that communicates the benefits of using Sustaination in a simple and engaging way to the various audiences.

Offline app

A brilliant offline app was developed to map local food networks across the country helping people find local producers and growers in their area, enabling them to buy directly from source.



A powerful infographic was designed showing the decreasing share that farmers receive over the past 20 years.

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