What we did for The DoNation at #OccupyBlueMonday

The Do Nation is an online platform that enables people to sponsor friends doing challenges with positive environmental actions rather than money.  Their aim is to make sustainable living fun, social, and mainstream.  To date, the brilliant Hermione has got things up and running with minimal funding, resource and support and is now looking to expand the reach and impact.

The challenge

The big challenge was to give Hermione practical and usable ways to immediately help The DoNation develop, grow and expand its reach. Specifically, Hermione is looking to develop practical tools to get more people using the platform, communicate the impact of the actions in a more visually engaging way and find ways to become more financially sustainable.

The DoNation team was hugely enthusiastic and immediately (and aptly) got into doing mode. At one point, when I caught up with the team, they were on the phone with one of The DoNation's explorers in the South Pole to get some helpful insights from a doer (!) The team achieved a huge amount over 2 days, including a flyer, a manifesto, promotional stickers, an overhaul of the web design and copy, a new web infographic showing how many actions are being pledged visually, a corporate pitch deck, Facebook Connect integration and an animation.

Manifesto animation 

A short, punchy animation clearly and creatively communicating The DoNation's manifesto.


Digital makeover 

A team rebuilt the site to reduce the emphasis on pure CO2, added an online infographic visualising each doer's sponsorship progress in a simple and powerful way and integrated Facebook Connect to enable doers and supporters to share their updates.


Flyer and manifesto

Designers in the team made a lovely flyer with The DoNation's manifesto to build interest and uptake.


Promotional stickers

Some genius stickers were designed with all the environmental actions people pledge as public badges (to spread the word and as reminders!)


Final presentation The DoNation

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