What we did for Young Gloucestershire...

The Young Gloucestershire (YG) team worked hard over 2 days to help the charity with their main challenge: to build a stronger position in the corporate giving market. The team split up into groups - with some filming and editing short powerful films of young people sharing their experiences, others doing market research by getting on the phone to local businesses and some designing a highly visual toolkit.

Here’s the awesome illustration by Chris from Scriberia of the thinking and work that was done by the Young Gloucestershire team:

Here's the overview presentation of what the team did....

Young Gloucestershire Final Presentation
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The outcome
Powerful videos of the young people and their experiences of the YG programmes, a visual toolkit including illustrations, email templates and A4 info cards as well as an interactive Google map showing all the locations of the youth clubs and hubs. We also built a database of local corporates and started approaching them with fundraising pitches, including heading out to the local UCAS offices and arranging a meeting with their marketing director.
Illustrations for Young Gloucestershire promotional material
A4 promotional info cards

A redesigned email template to send out to potential funders

An interactive online map of the county

Showing the locations of Young Gloucester’s network of youth clubs, drop-in centres and other locations

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