Your cause - Our effect

Imagine hiring the A-Team – only instead of making a tank out of a paperclip and a piece of string – they spent 600 hours collectively on your business and did for you in one day what would normally take 6 months.

Got your attention? Good. Looking for a catch? Keep looking – there isn’t one.

We’re the GFN Crew – that makes us Talent Spotters and Agents rolled into one. We’re like rock stars with clipboards. We assemble a kickass group of talented, enthusiastic and highly skilled individuals and find them a room with whiteboards, pens, computers, cameras and anything else they need to make the magic happen. What the room also has is astage and a spotlight.

We’re asking you if you’d like to take the stage and step into that spotlight.

Good For Nothing has landed in Leicester and we do what no one else does – we make it possible for a local charity or social enterprise to be supported by this dynamic group of people for one day in a hack. And it won’t cost this good cause anything to be supported. How is this possible?

Because they are doing some Good For Nothing. And we want to find out if they can do it for you.

We have a venue in mind. A date in mind. A rapidly growing pool of talented, passionate individuals raring to go and to support a cause. We put on the food. The drinks. We even work with you to find the best way to use their talents.

Your mission – should you choose to accept it –is to complete the questionnaire at the bottom of this email and submit it to us. That's it.

Still sounding too good to be true?

How about looking here to see who’s signed up and where we fit into the national and international Good For Nothing movement. Whilst you’re there check out the work Good For Nothing has done around the world – the Leicester chapter is in good company. If you look here you’ll see how we’re creating a storm in 140 characters – one lightening strike at a time. And if you look here you’ll see our first meeting where we filled a room of people who loved the idea as much as we did and, as a little bonus, you can hear us spreading the word about the movement on BBC Radio Leicester.

We’re totally committed to making a change to Leicester and we need a cause to support in order to do it. Spare five minutes. Complete the application form and we’ll be in touch to discuss further. We are looking to kick off in Leicester with a bang on our first hack.

We think we’re right for you. Shall we find out if you’re right for us?

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GFN Leicester Crew

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