Your Space the Crags

This is major step forward for the new direction of the Crags!

– Simon Turner (The Crags Community Sports Centre)

As with so many of the ventures that Lucy and I meet, the Crags is a wonderful community asset that's driven by the vision of a determined individual. After the local leisure services became unable to carry on running the sports facility, a charity led by Boroughmuir Blaze Basketball Club, basketballscotland and Castle Rock Edinvar Housing Association took on the asset and reopened it in January 2012. Since then Simon Turner (a basketball coach), with the support of dedicated locals, has been shaping the centre into a special place that offers a collection of urban sports that can't be found in any other one place in the city. At the Crags you can experience basketball, roller derby, aerial yoga, martial arts and pole dancing for starters...soon to be augmented by a climbing wall on the outside of the actual building itself.

But it's not only physical activities on offer - the Crags has just launched its Young Leaders Programme that challenges local young people to get involved in the future of the centre whilst developing their own leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Creating strategic assets for this programme was one of the challenges that ran alongside the further development of a new dynamic brand for the centre.

A small focussed team gathered on the rather wet and windy Friday night to be introduced to the spaces (huuuge sports hall, studio and ancillary areas) and the activities, joined by some of the B-balling young leaders themselves and a good bunch of very tall dads. With the ideas flowing around the challenges (fuelled by ideating supplies thanks to our UnLtd Spark Award and delicious local beer), we had firm plans forming to get cracking on with the next morning.

Saturday morning brought some new hackers into the mix, plus input from the pilates teacher, aerial yoga teacher and parents who were there for the day's two basketball meets that were running in conjunction to our hack! With only 6 hours left, we set to working out what deliverables we could produce for Simon to get going with straightaway..this time powered by nourishing goodies from Stag Espresso, Edinburgh Larder and Scotmid.

In trying to pin down the essence of the new brand, coder-for-good Barry and graphics-Dad Ian hit upon 'Your Space to...' - an invitation to take ownership of the space for whatever purpose you felt was needed in the community. This became solidified into a launch campaign (to be announced soon!) visualised by our GFN Glasgow buddy and digital-whizz Stephen.

By 5pm, we were chuffed to be able to present two main outputs for the Crags to take forward - visual ID, hashtags, calendar and engagement strategy for the 'new direction' campaign, and example service blueprints, prompts and structure for the Young Leaders Programme to start implementing their enterprising proposals.

The success of the 24 hours was due to the amazingly supportive presence and productivity of our network that we've built since launching GFN Edinburgh a year ago - you guys know who you are - teamed with another great local venture who we feel privileged to have been able to contribute to at this stage in their awesome journey.

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