A social in London

When? Tuesday the 12th of February 2013 at 18:30

Where? Betsey Trotwood Pub, 56 Farringdon Road

Come along to our February Good for Nothing social and shake away those winter blues. We'll be experimenting with a new concept, a mini GFN in the pub. We'll be coming up with ideas for an innovative new venture called NANA.

NANA is a comfort food cafe run by older ladies from the local area. They serve up the very best in traditional, homemade food, all at a reasonable price. Older ladies that sign up to become a Nana give five hours of their time a week to work in the cafe, and after three months of commitment they become part of the NANA partnership. This means that a percentage of the profits are split between the Nana's every four months, depending on how many hours they've worked.

For the Nana's, it's a great chance to get out of the house and meet new people, put a lifetime worth of nurturing to good use and make a bit of cash. For the community, it's good food at a good price, a great atmosphere and even better customer service.

They've launched a proof of concept at The Elderfield pub in Clapton and open from 10am-3pm, Monday to Friday. They launched at the end of November last year and received some great feedback from customers and Nana's alike.

We're really excited about pushing the concept forwards over the next few months and would love your brains to help us think about what NANA could become.

Things they need help with:


We want to create an online offer so people all over the world can engage with NANA. The question is - If we build up an online community, what could we offer them?

Expanding our offer

We are currently running a cafe in Clapton, but we know there is so much more we could do outside of the cafe space to raise money. We've had early ideas around creating products and business to business catering, but how would this work and what would it look like?

The future

We've just got started but we've got big plans for the future. We want to see NANA cafes all over the UK, but don't necessarily want to start them all ourselves. What would the deal be between them and NANA HQ, and how would we ensure that every NANA cafe was 'on brand'? What support would we offer them and how could we create a feeling of it being united business?

See you there!
Stephen, tansy, Dan, and Jim