GFN Chester Launch Pad Social

When? Wednesday the 30th of October 2013 at 19:00

Where? The Ship Inn

**Do you want to do not talk?

Do you want to collaborate and experiment?

Do you want to support the true innovators?**



Join us at the GFN Chester Launch Pad for a mind enhancing, body exhilarating, rocket fuel powered evening of getting in on the good stuff. You will arrive curious and leave delirious.

Plus, we'll answer a few questions you might have on your mind, like...

Why do a Good for Nothing gig?

When is it?

How long will it take?

What do I do?

Do I have to be a tech geek?

Who are our social innovators?

What ventures are we helping?

What do I get out of it?

What can I put into it?

See you there!
Holly and Uná