Glass half full? Slurp it up! SLURP SOCIAL!

When? Thursday the 12th of April 2018 at 19:00

Where? Commonhall Social, CH1 2BJ

Welcome to our GFN 'SLURP SOCIAL'. Our social will have a positive 'glass half full' attitude, and be completely straw-free. Commonhall Social are now straw-free and fully 'vegware', hurrah for them!

We our first 'Thinking Aloud' speakers of 2018 too! This is really exciting.

Lindsay Rocke shares her transition from working on the business side of National Geographic to working as a Personal Transformation Coach. Prior to coaching, Lindsay worked for over 15 years in international media, for brands including National Geographic, TIME Magazine and CNN, located in London, Cape Town and Sydney. She shares her journey of being true to herself and the importance of this in our lives - you will feel REVIVED!

Then we have Alison Shearer-Knott, campaigner extraordinaire, alongside Dr Christian Dunn, biological sciences lecturer at Bangor Univerisity, with the latest update on the amazingly successful #StrawFreeChester campaign. Apparently Chester turns over about 300,000 straws a day! If you've not heard about this epic project - where on earth have you been? And if you have, discover what challenges the campaign team have been through, and what the next steps are for this... will it roll out nationally?

We hope you'll join us with the usual good vibes, music, tasty local beer, nibbles and new and old GFNrs up for doing something good in Chester.


Please RSVP that you're attending so we can ensure you get fed!


See you there!
Holly and Uná