The Leicester Meet-Up

When? Tuesday the 3rd of June 2014 at 18:00

Where? Orange Tree, High Street, Leicester LE1 4JB

Together we're about to do something special... so let's get together and find out who "we" are... and how this all works...

Good For Nothing Socials are a way to get the crowd together. People who want to support charities and social enterprises in the way they can best - whether that's strategy, marketing, animation, website design, media, business planning - or just raw enthusiasm and creative spirit... we want everyone from every walk of life as we all have skills that these organisations need.

This social is designed for us all to get together - for us all to learn about what we're looking to do - how it works - and how you can get involved and help.

Right now we're looking for a talented group of people from Leicester to come forward and take part, we're also looking for a great cause to support. Going forward the only limit on how much we can achieve will be the size of our networks and imaginations.

Get in touch with us on social media, email us - keep in touch and find out when and where our social is going to be held and show up to show your support. We're all doing this because we want to make a difference to causes out there that need our support.

Please register as a GFN'er and shout about us to everyone who's listening - the more people we have the bigger the movement!

See you there!
Sunita, Avnesh, and Hannah