Warbling about Community

Community. Huge word. But here, quite simply, collective human energy with passion for collaboration, co-operation, shared value, localness and betterness.

  • camilla
  • First time in Portuguese!

    Warbled by camilla

    For the first time ever, GFN is taking to the streets of São Paulo. Apart from the GFN font not having the Portuguese characters, we are very excited to start to make a difference in this truly MASSIVE and awesome city!

    Go check it out!


    Dear Everyone who made GFNnotts happen ...

    It is taking me a while to process and appreciate everything …. I marvel that busy people with busy lives gave up their valuable time to help Pulp Friction move forward.

  • Dan Burgess
  • Making time for generosity

    Warbled by Dan Burgess

    Awesome commitment to generorsity #goodfornothing

    via Lost at E Minor

    Big Chip Nominees

    Good for Nothing is a worldwide network of talented people coming together and working on groundbreaking projects. Cool huh? Well the Big Chip thought so.

  • Sunita Patel
  • We have a venue for our social

    Warbled by Sunita Patel

    The first event as part of GFN Leicester is taking place on the 3rd June 2014 from 6 -8 pm.

    As a brand new chapter we wanted to throw a social first to get a feel for the GFN appetite in our city. So far so great we are getting lots of interest from people with a wide range of backgrounds and hopefully by the time we get to the social we should have a good number of people signed up.

    We hope those attending will bring with them lots of thoughts and ideas of causes and challenges for us to get our teeth stuck into at future hacks, but its also a place for us to spread the Good for Nothing message wider and to spark ideas and excitement about the project itself.

    We were really excited to have the Orange Tree Bar in the city centre offering to host the social. Just goes to show that the collaborative spirit is alive and kicking here in Leicester and we cant wait to put on the first 24 hour hack this summer

    Watch this space

    GFN Leicester Crew


    Here is a link to the Orange Tree

  • Alice Rose Elliott
  • Local Media to Chester Chapter help to Spread the Word about the Bird.

    Warbled by Alice Rose Elliott

    Local Media to Chester Chapter help to Spread the Word about the Bird and Mark also wants to come to the gig and write up after the gig too!


    Go check it out!


    Free fall

    With just a few days to go I thought I’d scribble down why I decided to bring Good for Nothing to Nottingham. I’m no great writer but really thinking about GFN Nottingham has given me that ‘goose bumps’, ‘butterflies in your tummy’, ‘shivers down your spine’ kind of feeling. In fact it’s reminded me of when I was sat in an aeroplane, 12,000ft above the ground waiting do a skydive …. bloody excited but hoping to billy-oh that the parachute was going to open.


    A Brief Walk

    A quick warble from London East about our first gig...


    Trip report: Colchester’s first GFN Social

    And so the day we’d been waiting for finally arrived. Last Thursday the Colchester chapter of Good For Nothing opened its doors for the very first time and welcomed twenty-five or so eager, inquisitive and (in some cases) confused GFN-ers-to-be into the St Botolph’s Waiting Room.


    We all love gigs, especially with Gigbuddies...

    Gigs have the power to evoke emotions, bring people together and be a whole lot of fun. Gig Buddies enables people with learning disabilities to go to gigs too by matching them up with volunteers who love the same kind of music - even if you are into 70s glam rock, they can find you a buddy!


    Year Here, well and truly Good For Nothing’d!

    Year Here are about transformative experiences igniting social purpose and the drive to see it through. As one of the main venture focuses at Camp Nothing, they didn't know what they were in for. Yet Indie, one of their fellows, does a fantastic job at trying to describe a Good for Nothing experience as a venture...


    Camp Nothing We Salute You // Let's go and make it happen

    We’ve been finding the re-entry back into the constructed world quite tough after what was a beautifully cosmic Camp Nothing of epic proportions last weekend in deepest Norfolk.

    We were literally speechless on Sunday evening and that was before the cider came out.

    So where to start really?

    Good for Nothing in a Pub with Po-Zu

    A lovely wee film capturing a great night with the blooming marvellous Po-Zu shoes. Good for Nothing in a pub is a fine way for a bunch of creatively minded soulful strangers to make good shit happen, and drink beer.

  • Tom Farrand
  • Home needed for the GFN Tour Kit in London!

    Warbled by Tom Farrand


    As you hopefully know, GFN is a grassroots, nomadic and loose collective of doers, makers, dreamers and tinkerers.

    We're completely dependent on the community to make GFN work - the folks who give time, energy, skills, space, tunes, food, drink and everything else that makes it tick.

    So this time, we've a new 'ask'. An exciting (!) opportunity to become a 'Friend' of GFN.

    The picture above is our 'box of tricks' - literally everything (apart from the soundsystem) that we have accumulated to help us put on gigs. It's our 'Tour Kit'.

    And it's been sat quite happily in various places for the last year as we've moved around in our nomadic way....

    Unfortunately, it's current tenancy in my garage comes to an end shortly. I've moved out of London to the Shire, and we now need to find a new home for it....

    And wondered if anyone out there can help?

    Would you be up for giving a new home for our tour kit? Does your office or studio have some spare storage that we could borrow (it will pack up pretty small)?

    We tend to pick it up about once a month (or so) for our Socials or GFN in a Pub. And then for our bigger gigs which happen every 6 months. So we won't be in and out the whole time...

    And in return, we can offer ..... well, love, respect and a place at the esteemed table of GFN Friends (who feature online here). And maybe even a limited edition GFN t-shirt &/or badge/sticker/poster. It might not be much, but money can't buy them :-)

    So please get in touch with us if you can help - [email protected]


    Introducing Camp Nothing

    We are inviting applications from the smartest, creative, most resourceful, soulful do-ers, dreamers and change makers from 15 UK cities to head up and grow GFN in their communities.

    We’re looking for 2 to 3 folk from each place covering the span of backgrounds and local networks that we know makes Good for Nothing go off - social business, innovation, sustainability, communications, design and technology.

    You don’t need to know each other, but it’s fine if you do.

    You’ll join us for a 48 hour weekend of doing, making, learning and mentoring from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd September.


    Reflections from We are NANA on Good for Nothing in a Pub

    The 12th of February saw the first 'GFN in a pub' and we were very proud to be the guineapig partner. We are NANA.

    We've been piloting our concept of a comfort food cafe in Hackney since November and have got to a stage where the day to day running is less hectic and wecould do with some real expertise.

    In a nutshell NANA is a comfort food cafe run by older ladies from the local area.

  • Tom Farrand
  • Coursera - online learning at warpspeed

    Warbled by Tom Farrand

    Online learning social entreprise - acquiring 1 million users faster than Facebook and Instagram

    Go check it out!

  • Andrew Sprinz
  • We are NANA

    Warbled by Andrew Sprinz

    NANA is a new comfort food and craft cafe run by lovely older ladies from the local area in Clapton London. The launch is on 22 November and they’ll be serving up traditional, home-cooked favourites, delicious soups, salads and proper sandwiches. Love this example of intergenerational community.

    Go check it out!

  • Andrew Sprinz
  • The U

    Warbled by Andrew Sprinz

    The U are on a mission to rebuild familiarity and create connections in disengaged urban communities through locally-led learning sessions. The free courses take place in pop-up shops on busy high streets and range from first aid and conflict resolution through to neighbourhood organising and greening your home. The 90 minute sessions are all about bringing people together to learn from one another, have fun and help them feel more confident and connected. The ‘Citizens University’ is currently running in Northumberland, Sutton, Loughborough Junction and Brixton.

    Go check it out!